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Really Exciting News

Another step forward as the fundraising gap narrows for the Sault College Waterfront & Tennis Center. The fundraising goal is $1,800,000. With the announcement today shown below, the remaining funds to be raised stands at $200,000.


End of July Singles Tournament Results

A divison - Ladies Champion - Doloras Biron

                        Mens Champion -  David Wieczor

                        Runner up -              Moon

B division - Mens Champion - Andrew Ferguson

                        Runner up -              Jamie Henderson

C division - Mens Champion - Charlie Baek

                        Runner up -              Pat Bitonti

Our thanks to Richard and Sherry Stanghetta for their prize donations and to David Wieczor and the Upper Deck Lounge at the Canadian for donating several pizzas to our hungry competitors on Saturday night.

Also to Deon Slabbert for registration and Doloras Biron for drying courts on the Sunday.

Proceeds of $400 will go to the Waterfont and Tennis Center court improvements.

At the Waterfront & Tennis Center the courts have been miraculously cleaned and have received new nets and windscreens. Thanks to Sault College for the nets and windscreens. Thank you to the following veterans who cleaned and installed the new nets and windscreens:

Steve Mallinger Karen Bernhardt

Doloras Biron Renee Wysynski

Linda Watts Bill Watts

Pat Bitonti John Kukurin

Ted Yvonne Sue Yvonne

Justin Fiaconni Andy Simon

Dan Sutton John Metzen

Jamie Melville Paul Biron

Moon Jin Suen Charlie Baek

John Marrack Jane Harbour

Larry Schleen Ursula Schleen

And many others have helped over a two week period. Thanks to Pat Bitonti for his determination and persistence to get these courts as nice as possible. And they look great.

And thank you to Mrs Ferguson for connecting water and power for cleaning courts 3 & 4.

Join and play tennis by the river. This has been part of our heritage since about 1902.

Soo Today reports on the Evening in White

The fundraising Gala by Sault College was attended by 130+ people. Sault College put on a fabulous event. Everyone had a great time and everyone is excited about the possibilities of restoring the historic Boat and Tennis Club on the St Mary's River. The property has served the community with boating and tennis since 1902.

Click the following link for the Soo Today report and photos.

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