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Tennis in Canada

Tennis Canada has a very good program of training for tennis that is used in all provinces. ( Milos, Genie!!)

Instructors are all trained with the core system of Long Term Athletic Development. This system defines the appropriate skills for the age of the player.

Instructors working with the SSMTA are certified through the OTA and Tennis Canada.

Bryanna Matheson

Algoma University student, entering year two.

Loves all sports.

Loves working with small children.


Justin Fiacconi

Born and raised in SSM.

Graduate of Fanshawe College in Marketing

Keen to pass on his love for tennis to new players.

Other Instructors: Mikki Barich - Former Champion of Manitoba

                                      Chris Barich - Former Champion of Manitoba

                                      Sasha Coleman - Trained in England, imported to SSM.

                                      Andy Simon - local boy, USTA trained,

                                                                 - worked as Pro in Michigan

                                     Andrew Ferguson - Many years teaching tennis

                                     Jill Thatcher - longtime player, new Instructor

                                    Bill Watts - experienced player, new Instructor

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