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SSMTA Board of Directors

Bill Watts, President

John Kukurin, Secretary

Justin Fiacconi, Director

Andy Simon, Director

The Sault Ste Marie Tennis Association is a non profit community group (could be characterized as a club). SSMTA must operate without any personal self interest and consider the interests of all tennis players in SSM.

SSMTA has partnerships with the City of SSM, Sault College, and Algoma University. SSMTA is a member of the OTA and part of Tennis Canada.

In 2015 SSMTA incorporated as a non profit corporation. This will mean:

Bylaws are being written for the operating policies.

SSMTA will have an annual meeting and elections.

SSMTA will have financial statements available to all members.

SSMTA will now qualify for grants to improve facilities.


We are the organization promoting tennis in SSM.

We strive for a balance between representing the high skilled tennis players,

beginners still learning and the social tennis players.

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